We pay, if you mediate the 360Mini

In our B2B online shop ( Shop360-g.com ) you can register yourself or your company as an agent. For each mediated 360Mini you receive a commission payment. We pay monthly either by bank transfer or Paypal. You can see all mediations at any time in your member area.

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After activation of your affiliate program you will receive a link and a coupon code.
If a customer orders via your link, you will receive a
percentage participation of the net price for the 360Mini.
If a customer orders with your coupon code, you will also a percentage participation of the net price for the 360Mini.
Your customer receives the 360Mini with the help of the coupon code for 50 € cheaper.

Extensions, accessories and download items are excluded from the commission.

Link us with your commission link on your homepage or give the coupon code to selected customers.
Your coupon code can be passed on as often as you like. Each customer can redeem the code however only 1x.
If your customer comes to us via the link, a cookie is placed on the customer's PC. If the customer orders via this PC a 360Mini with us, the partner system recognizes the recommender and books the commission on your member account. No matter if your customers order via link or coupon code. You get the commission.

This is what your member area looks like after activation

Registration affiliate program