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Goals already achieved:
Stage of development ✔
Company concept & business plan ✔
Patents & Gebrauchsmuster ✔
Prototype construction ✔
Presentation at the CES in Las Vegas ✔
360-G is registered trademark in D, EU and the USA ✔
21 TLDs with the brand name ✔
Sales contract for the optics industry ✔
Preparation of series production ✔
Base Case sales launch ✔

With your investment, we will be able to meet demand faster, halve production times, increase staffing earlier and accelerate expansion. We offer you lucrative investment opportunities. Contact us.
The Market

VR and 360° are booming industries.

Unique selling point worldwide
360-G is the world's first provider of 360-degree full-screen displays. VR content and 360° films can be viewed together by a wide audience without additional aids. Even 2D standard formats can be displayed with the 360Mini in 2, 3 or 4 directions.

360-G makes VR suitable for mass-market use for the first time. Without any aids, without instruction, simply experience 360° film together with as many viewers as you like. Innovation in 360° presentation.

The 360Mini is the first 360 degree display for Digital Signage and Instore Marketing.

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