Architectural firm

With the 360Mini, architects and customers can experience building inspections together without additional aids. VR glasses are impressive, but the viewer is visually separated from the real world. The 360Mini turns the VR presentation into a joint experience.


Medical practice

In order to bridge waiting times or draw attention to additional services, monitors for in-store marketing are used in many medical practices. A flat screen on the wall, however, is only for 1/4 of the patients in direct view. 2/4 of the waiting people have to turn their heads by 70-80 degree to see the monitor. For the remaining 1/4 of the patients, the screen remains unseen. The 360Mini in the middle of the waiting room with its 360 degree picture is directly in the field of view. Digital signage systems completely automate the operation of the 360Mini.



Present your exhibition in 360 degree view or duplicate a unique action. Exhibitions can be recorded and displayed anywhere at any time with the 360Mini. Expand your audience and present your exhibition with the 360Mini in new locations.


Digital Signage

Conventional displays have a detection range of 60-70%. The full image quality results only from the right angle to the screen. With the 360Mini you can reach your customers all around. Use the 360 degree acquisition for your presentation. The eye-catching 360 degree image format with the "wow" effect, the individual branding (colour, photo foil) and useful accessories make the 360Mini a customer stopper for your PoS or PoI.


Retail trade

Innovative companies from the retail trade already use 360 degree panoramas or virtual tours on their websites for the presentation of goods, services or service offers. For the first time, the 360Mini also presents these round images as a 360 degree full-screen display in your customer rooms, in the shop window, on customer areas or at the next trade fair.


Event presentation

Every event presentation needs highlights to stand out from the crowd. The 360Mini offers an extraordinary experience with the 360 degree display. With corresponding movies or your own 360° productions you support every conceivable scenario. Use the 360 degree radiation for the PoS/PoI at your event.


Prefabricated house

Every manufacturer of prefabricated houses has 360 degree shots or CAD drawings of its buildings. With the 360Mini, these 360 degree data can be presented to the customer in full screen view. The customer can visit the whole house in your office or make a pre-selection from several offers for a visit to the show house. Whether in the office, at trade fairs or at events - with 360 degree photos and the 360Mini, houses sell smarter, simpler and more effectively.


Leisure park

Information terminal, guidance system, attraction preview, signposting or marketing screen - the 360Mini is a versatile marketing tool with all-round effect for every theme park.



Many catering establishments already advertise 360 degree panoramas or virtual tours. The 360Mini also displays existing panoramic shots. If you do not yet have 360 degree photos or need new ones, you will find an extensive list of 360° photographers, 360° videographers and 360° full-service agencies in our 360 degree database. Conjure up campfire romance or holiday atmosphere with fire animations or heat up the party with 360 degree music videos.



Preset playlists underline the atmosphere. The 360Mini shows impressive guest rooms, wellness area, sports facilities, outdoor area and surroundings. Self-advertising alternates with theme areas that are appropriate for the hotel - wellness, recreation, sport, experience or business. Underwater shots turn the 360Mini into a seawater aquarium visible from all sides.


Real estate agents

Stand out from the competition with 360 degree views. With small 360 degree special cameras you can easily take 360 degree shots of your own when viewing a property in advance. Back in the real estate agent's office, simply remove the memory card from the camera and plug it into the 360Mini via a USB adapter. Immediately you can present the property to your potential clients. During the day you can offer your customers a 360° view of the 360Mini real estate presentations. After closing time the 360Mini will be the highlight in your shop window.



Information in focus, no matter from which direction. If you use the 360Mini as an information terminal, you can set the viewing direction or multiply the picture information for several directions. Exactly adapted to your circumstances.


Instore Marketing

The 360 degree display with the "wow" effect is predestined for use as a marketing instrument. The unusual 360 degree degree full-screen display forces the viewer to look at the 360Mini and directs the viewer to the PoS. The housing of the 360Mini can be adapted to the desired branding (casing colour, photo foil).


Exhibition industry

360 degree media can only display a partial section of the image on the flat screen (PC, tablet, smartphone)or with VR glasses. The 360Mini presents the complete 360 degree view. Mirrors behind the 360Mini enhance the effect. Mirrors positioned accordingly offer a complete panoramic view from one point of view. Unbreakable plastic mirrors are available as accessories in the shop. With the optional electric height adjustment, the 360Mini becomes a 360 degree stele at eye level with the observer. Individual adaptation to the branding is possible with housing colour or a freely configurable photo foil.


Furniture store

The 360Mini is suitable as a signage system, for the presentation of sample home displays, it shows available colour models and indicates special offers. The housing in the house's CI and DS technology make the 360Mini a fully automatic in-store marketing instrument.



The 360Mini offers additional information, shows recorded touring exhibitions permanently and offers exciting pictures with unusual views in the 360 degree view. 360 degree excavation films, VR animations by dinosuarians,... Digital signage hardware and software automate the daily routine and make it easy to compile the playback plan. Clear device design without externally visible on/off switch.


Practice marketing

In order to bridge waiting times, monitors for in-store marketing are used. A flat screen in a waiting room, however, is only for 1/4 of the patients in direct view. 2/4 of the waiting people have to turn their heads by 70-80 degree to see the monitor. For the remaining 1/4 of the patients, the screen remains unseen. The 360Mini in the middle of the waiting room is directly in view for all waiting people.


Tourist industry

The 360Mini makes you feel like the sea. Especially when you show the underwater shots from the dive paradises. The tourism industry was one of the first to use 360 degree panoramas in marketing. Now follow moving pictures and VR. Present holiday resorts to your customers in 360 degrees. After closing time the 360Mini will be the highlight in your shop window.


VR glasses

VR glasses and the 360 degree projection of 360-G are based on the same 360 degree image or video material. The VR glasses immerse the viewer deep into the VR world, but at the same time they are isolated from the real world. With the 360Mini, all viewers can experience 360 degree events together. For presentations for VR glasses, the 360Mini is ideal for showing visitors which "VR world" the wearer of the VR glasses is currently in.


Advertising space

Do you have an attractive and lively indoor pitch? Rent advertising space on the 360Mini. We offer correspondingly preconfigured devices. For our own advertising purposes we recommend contacting suppliers, partner companies and associated companies. They can also commission a 360° FullService agency for the technical process. Corresponding contacts can be found in the 360 degree database of 360-G.


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