Open day at Stadtwerke Gronau

Stadtwerke Gronau - astonished room

Stadtwerke Gronau has invited 360-G to present the 360Mini in the "Staunraum". Old and young people could experience VR and 360 degree views with the 360Mini or via VR-Glasses. Besides the impressive pictures, there were other interesting things: floors that filter toxins from the air, 3D printing with potato starch, new batteries for the power-to-go and much more to marvel at.

Stadtwerke Gronau - Open Day

The Stadtwerke Gronau also pulled out all the stops for the rest of the programme: helicopter flights, Segway rides, a train ride through the streets, tasting and drinks, artists, brass bands, painted tattoos for the kids,.....

Half the city used the sunny day to visit the municipal utilities. A successful and beautiful celebration.