360-G develops, produces and distributes the world's first 360-degree full-screen displays
With the 360Mini from 360-G, the first multi-person viewer for 360 degrees film and VR is available.
The 360-degree display makes the 360-degree representation for the first time for many viewers
together without utilities accessible. Just watch.
In addition to 360 degree film, the 360Mini also displays standard 2D formats in any direction.
Designed for Digital Signage and Instore Marketing, the 360Mini is an alternative to the classic
2D advertising screen with additional possibilities:
- 360 degree image output
- 2D display in any desired direction
- Rotating media (video, text, image)
- 360 degree sound via 4 speakers
- Approx. 4% of flat screen advertising locations would be more effectively equipped with a 360Mini
- A flat screen is bound to walls. The free-standing 360Mini generates new advertising space
- The point of view decides what the viewer sees
- The reaction to the 360-degree view and the interaction with the round display multiply the advertising effect
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